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How we work
Knowledge Creation and Rediscovery

ACS believes the most important way to achieve sustainability is to educate ourselves and others around us. Education is key to creating change in any context. Without knowledge, there is ignorance, and with ignorance comes indifference towards the environment.

Mindset Change

Only educating the masses on sustainable practices is not enough. Simply feeding the information will not make any change until we also strive to change people’s thought process. Thus, changing someone’s mindset about why and how to be more sustainable in their daily routine will lead to more intentional and focused action on their part.

Behavioral Change

After educating the masses, and changing their mindset when it comes to living sustainably, the next step to tackle is quite literally their behavior. Behavior could include daily lifestyle, routine, actions – but without proper mindset change, these actions don’t become automatic. While education and mindset lead to indirect/gradual change in the sustainability habits of a large population, with behavioral change, a truly sustainable lifestyle can be achieved.

Building Local Leadership

preFor the personal/community level change created in the above areas to be propagated, local leadership has to be established to spread the word, to keep up constant encouragement and to cycle through the first three key themes/areas among more and more people to keep the sustainability movement alive.

Systemic Change

While each individual must ultimately be responsible for their own sustainable practices, bigger picture/top-down enforcement is also very effective. While all the other themes and areas are on a more personal or community level, this one goes all the way up to government and law- and policy- makers. The sustainability wheel can only fully/efficiently turn in the right direction (or turn at all) if all parts of society are on board with achieving the goals of sustainability

Institutional Partners
Local Government Partners
    Baglung Municipality
    Budhanilkantha Municipality
    Bharatpur Metropolitan City
    Biratnagar Metropolitan City
    Kathmandu Metropolitan City
    Lalitpur Metropolitan City
    Pokhara Metropolitan City
    Suryabinayak Municipality
    Chandragiri Municipality
    Galkot Municipality
    Gokarneshwor Municipality
    Gorkha Municipality
    Itahari Sub Metropolitan City
    Jeetpur Sub Metropolitan City
    Kaudena Rural Municipality
    Kirtipur Municipality
    Madhyapur Thimi Municipality
    Mahakali Municipality
    Mahalaxmi Municipality
    Ramdhuni Municipality
    Ratnanagar Municipality
    Kageshwori Manohara Municipality
    Shankharapur Municipality
    Suryodaya Municipality
    Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City
    Dhulikhel Municipality
    Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City