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Green Fellowships with Local Government
Nepali youths today are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about urgent issues concerning our future like Unsustainable Development and Climate Crisis. Youths want to take leadership and utilize their time, knowledge and energy to help the government solve the ongoing crisis and recover from it in a climate-smart and sustainable way. On the other hand, the local governments also need support of capable qualified citizens to help them solve the enormous challenges ahead. However, due to the lack of any platform or connection between the two, they are not being able to work together.

Through the "Green Fellowships with the Local Government" ACS, in partnership with Himalayan Climate Initiative, created a platform for the youth to take leadership to support their local governments in designing and implementing inclusive, climate-smart and Sustainable projects to ensure Sustainable recovery of the economy from the crisis. Out of hundreds of applications, a total of 60 youths were selected to become 'Green Fellows'. They were provided with virtual training & mentorship to help to create & perfect a robust initiative considering the local needs. Fellows were provided with the necessary documents and modules in preparing a portfolio of their ward, in drawing proposals, and were mentored in preparing a detailed project design.
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Meet the Sustainability Champions

The fellowship made me realize the importance of practical knowledge and skills. My view towards the ward office members has also changed, and I came to realize that there are hidden high-valuable opportunities in every toles and ward. I learned that self-motivation ultimately leads to mass motivation.

Jayanti Sharma, 25
B.Sc Env. Science

This fellowship has taught me how to prepare a powerful step by step project and how to implement it from an individual level.

Samek Palikhel, 23
Bachelor of Computer Science

Unity is strength, when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. This journey enhanced my critical thinking capacity and also a sense of responsibility and ownership. I also came to learn that idea is salvation by imagination.

Aakriti Bhatta, 18
B.Sc Agriculture

I have an enhanced sense of responsibility and ownership to my own ward. No matter what challenge you might face, with hope, it can be conquered. An idea is small until we work on it.

Sarana Tuladhar, 20
B.Sc Environmental Science